STAMP is an educational charity. It is a job-training program for artists, musicians, and performers who want to prosper professionally by touring in a way that is best for the environment. With our partners, through lectures, classes, and symposiums, STAMP’s Road Scholar program educates selected, emerging artists on the skills needed to plan, book, and negotiate a successful and environmentally sustainable tour. STAMP’s Road Residencies provide a free, safe, and reliable touring vehicle along with clean burning biodiesel so that the band can put into practice everything they learned in our classes. Bands that have never toured before will be able to jump start their careers safely and sustainably.

STAMP has a unique sister partnership with Biodiesel For Bands. BFB's founders, John Long and Eric Skjerseth, sought to educate bands about sustainable touring practices while building a sustainable touring and busing business for bands and their fans. The IRS thought their business model was very unique because each of these programs-BFB and STAMP-would have qualified individually for tax-exempt status.They called their programs"flagship" programs because BFB aims to use their profits to support and promote touring bands through their non-profit arm STAMP. BFB remains a for-profit enterprise while donating their after tax profits to artist charities and to support their new, 501c3 tax-exempt, sister organization, STAMP.

John Long, the co-founding member of STAMP and Biodiesel For Bands, believed that collaboration builds strong communities. He co-founded several entrepreneurial ventures with the goal of making the world a better place. The following is a portion of his obituary. 

John was loved by many and inspired all who knew him. He dedicated his life to creating a more just and sustainable world. He gave boundless energy to building community, supporting the Northern Colorado environmental movement, and encouraging a world filled with music, laughter and love. John leaves a long legacy of endeavors that he helped to create including, but not limited to, Blue Sun Biodiesel, Zero Hero, the Sustainable Living Fair, Fat Pig Society/Colorado Hemp Farmers Cooperative, Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society, Positive Legacy, the Atmosphere Conservancy, and Biodiesel for Bands. John was also an avid golfer (with his lowest handicap of 2!), team bowler (3 Hole Enthusiasts!), snowboarder (the higher the mountain the better!), and overall adventurer. He loved to travel, hike, river run, see live music, and instigate a good time!