The Neon Celebrate! A special stamp was issued by the United States Postal Service on March 25. 2011. in Cleveland. Ohio. It is a Forever stamp. priced at 44 cents at the time of its release. The stamp features a vibrant and colorful design. capturing the essence of neon lights.

Designed by Phil Jordan from Falls Church. Virginia. the stamp was inspired by his visit to the Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles. Jordan envisioned using neon imagery to depict a stamp subject. and thus. the concept of the “Neon Celebrate!” stamp was born.

The stamp design showcases a black background. reminiscent of a night sky. Against this backdrop. colorful images of swirls. circles. and dashes in vivid pink. blue. orange. yellow. and green burst forth. creating a visually striking display. The vibrant colors resemble a fireworks display illuminating the darkness of a summer evening.

To add a touch of brightness and emphasis. each letter of the word “Celebrate” and the exclamation point in the stamp’s title are highlighted in bright white. enhancing the overall visual impact.

The Neon Celebrate! stamp captures the excitement and joy of celebration. with its dynamic and energetic design. It serves as a fitting tribute to special occasions and events worth commemorating.


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Wedding Celebrate Forever Stamps 2011 USPS First-Class Postage Stamp 5 Books (20PCS/Book)

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