Corsages have indeed evolved over time and hold a rich history as a prominent accessory in formal fashion. Originating in the Victorian era. corsages were initially a small group of flowers that were pinned to the front of a woman’s dress for special occasions. particularly weddings. They were referred to as “bouquet de corsage.” but as the phrase became more commonly used. it was eventually shortened to simply “corsage.”

As fashion trends changed throughout the years. so did the placement of corsages. In the Victorian era. they were prominently pinned to the front of a dress. However. in the 1950s. they shifted to adorning the shoulder of a gown. adding an elegant touch to formal attire. In more contemporary times. corsages are commonly worn on the wrist. This shift in placement allows for more comfort and ease of wear. while still serving as a stylish and decorative accessory.

Corsages often carry symbolic meaning. especially when given by date as a gesture of affection. most notably at high school proms. The selection of flowers for the corsage is carefully done to complement the woman’s dress. and in some cases. she may even participate in choosing the appropriate blooms alongside her date. This collaborative process ensures that the corsage becomes a personalized statement that enhances the overall appearance of the woman’s formal outfit.

The evolution of corsages reflects the ever-changing landscape of fashion and personal expression. From their humble beginnings as a small pinned bouquet to their current place as a wrist adornment. corsages continue to be cherished as a timeless and sentimental accessory that adds a touch of elegance to special occasions.


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Two-Ounce 2017 Stamp Wedding Series USPS First-Class Celebration Corsage

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