Starting from March 14. 2022. two new stamp releases. the Mountain Flora and African Daisy Global stamps. will be available for postage. The Mountain Flora stamps. which were announced in November. showcase the beauty of flowers found in mountainous regions. The stamps feature hand-drawn illustrations of four mountain flowers: pasqueflower. Woods’ rose. wood lily. and alpine buttercup. The illustrations were meticulously refined digitally. capturing the intricate details of these blossoms. Ethel Kessler designed the stamps. incorporating original artwork by Lili Arnold. These stamps celebrate the diverse flora found in mountain habitats. which are crucial for supporting a wide range of species. including butterflies. bees. birds. and mammals.

Additionally. the African Daisy stamp. announced in January. highlights the vibrant beauty of an orange flower against a white background. The African daisy. scientifically known as Osteospermum. is native to southern Africa and is readily available in nurseries across the United States. These flowers open up to the morning sun and display a variety of colors. including purple. pink. yellow. orange. and white. The stamp design. created by Greg Breeding. features a photograph taken by Cindy Dyer. showcasing the captivating allure of the African daisy. William Gicker served as the art director for this stamp release.

The Mountain Flora stamps will be issued in booklets of 20. as well as coils of 3.000 and 10.000. providing options for different mailing needs. On the other hand. the African Daisy Global stamp will be available in panes of 10. These stamps offer a wonderful way to appreciate and share the beauty of mountain flowers and the African daisy. adding a touch of nature’s elegance to any correspondence or collection.


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Mountain Flora 2022 Forever Stamps USPS First-Class

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