The Postal Service is introducing two new Love stamps that celebrate the joy and beauty of flowers. Inspired by old European folk art. these stamps feature digital illustrations with similar designs. Each stamp showcases three round. stylized blooms arranged symmetrically along the top. with smaller blossoms in the lower corners. One stamp has a powder blue background. while the other has a coral background. The design also includes twisting vines that form abstract heart shapes and hold small multi-petaled flowers.

Flowers hold significant meaning in various contexts. symbolizing romance. friendship. sympathy. gratitude. and congratulations. Not only are they symbolic and aesthetically pleasing. but flowers have also been found to have tangible benefits. Research shows that they can increase happiness. reduce stress. and create a calming atmosphere.

The Postal Service has a long history of capturing the essence of love through its Love Stamp series. which was first introduced in 1973. These floral stamps. with their vibrant blooms and elegant vines. are beautiful additions to the series. Released early in the year. they are particularly fitting for Valentine’s Day. However. their versatility allows them to be used on various occasions such as birthdays. graduations. baby showers. and expressions of gratitude. The colorful stamps will add charm and whimsy to any correspondence. bringing a touch of floral flair to heartfelt messages and gestures.


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Love 2022 Forever Stamps USPS First-Class

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