On August 16. 2017. the Postal Service dedicated the “Flowers From the Garden” stamps. which pay homage to the enchanting beauty of floral arrangements. This dedication took place in Sioux Falls. SD. at the Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum.

Flowers have long been a cherished theme on postage stamps. with countless floral designs released throughout the years. The “Flowers From the Garden” stamps continue this tradition. capturing the essence of floral artistry in four exquisite images. These stamps are truly miniature works of art.

The 20-stamp sheet features four distinct images. inspired by still-life paintings of garden flowers from the 17th and 18th centuries. Each image showcases a unique arrangement:

  1. Red camellias and yellow forsythia are beautifully arranged in a pitcher.

  2. White peonies and pink tree peonies are displayed in an elegant vase.

  3. A delightful combination of white hydrangeas. white and pink roses. green hypericum berries. and purple lisianthus arranged in a vase.

  4. Blue hydrangeas gracefully potted in a decorative container.

The dedication ceremony was attended by various notable speakers. including South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard. Sioux Falls City Council Member Michelle Erpenbach. plant scientist Sarah Stowers. and stamp artist Elizabeth Brandon. The “Flowers From the Garden” stamps capture the timeless allure of garden blooms and serve as a tribute to the enduring artistry found in floral arrangements.


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Flowers from the Garden 2017 Forever Stamps USPS First-Class

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