This Happy Birthday stamp conveys exuberant greetings by calling to mind the childhood excitement of a birthday party.

In the digital illustration featured on the stamp. the word HAPPY appears most prominently in all capital letters. with each of the five letters inspired by a different party decoration: a red and green pi?ata. an orange and yellow striped birthday hat. a red piece of frosted cake. a green birthday candle. and an orange balloon sculpture. The word BIRTHDAY appears below it in blue. with Forever and USA centered in smaller red lettering at the bottom. Surrounding the design elements is a flurry of multicolored ribbons and confetti.

The celebration of birthdays in the United States originates from many cultural traditions. Some ancient civilizations observed the birthdays of prominent figures or celebrated rites of passage. and well-wishes and gifts have long been associated with bringing about good fortune. In addition. folklorists and historians claim to see the origins of birthday parties in older practices that resemble our customs. such as candles on a cake. which existed in some form in both ancient Greece and early modern Germany. When we gather to sing. brighten our spirits with candles. and make a wish. these deeply rooted rituals connect us to loved ones and invite everyone to share in the birthday fun.

This stamp was designed by Lisa Catalone Castro and Rodolfo Castro. with artwork by Rodolfo Castro. Ethel Kessler served as art director.

The Happy Birthday stamp is being issued as a Forever stamp. This Forever stamp is always equal to the current First-Class Mail one-ounce price.



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100 Forever Stamps 2021 USPS First-Class U.S. Postage Happy Birthday Stamp 5 Books (20PCS/Book)

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