The 2016 contemporary holiday stamps will highlight windows’ role during the holidays. Portraying four windows on the holiday world. the stamps are intended to add a dash of winter bliss to letters and cards during the coldest months.

The stamps reflect the pleasures of the wintry holiday season and feature a candle. a wreath. a star and a lighted tree. The stamps show the tranquil calm of a winter evening after the snow has fallen and the sun has set. Whether you enjoy viewing a peaceful scene from a cosy indoors or feeling a chill on your face outside. these brief moments make this time of year special.

Two designs show views from the inside looking out: a single burning candle sits on a window sill. and a simple star ornament hangs in a window. Two other designs show views from the outside: a brightly lit indoor Christmas tree contrasts with the snowy shrubs outside. and a snow-covered wreath hangs in front of a frosted window. Art director Ethel Kessler of Bethesda. MD. designed the stamps with original artwork by William Low of Huntington. NY.

Featuring snowy winter nights. these stamps demonstrate how windows everywhere play a role in celebrating the holidays. We can delight in the snow when we’re inside and share warmth and happiness with the outside world through simple panes of glass. Conveying the joyful and reverent spirit of the holiday season. these elegant stamps show how we observe traditions and spread cheer. Each stamp will surely add winter joy to letters and cards during the year’s coldest months. especially in regions farther north.

The Holiday Windows stamps are being issued as Forever stamps. These Forever stamps will always be equal in value to the current First-Class Mail 1-ounce price.



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100 Forever Stamps 2016 USPS First-Class U.S. Postage Christmas Candle Stamp 5 Books (20PCS/Book)

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