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board of directors


Executive Director

Jennifer Zidon is the current Executive Director of STAMP. Her passion is to provide excellence in an arts organization by building community partnerships through strategic development and engagement. She is a 2018 graduate of the LEAP Institute for the Arts at Colorado State University. This degree has enriched her understanding and dedication to the world of arts and culture. In the next five years, her goal is to build an organizational culture that is committed to enhancing communities through sustainability in the arts and arts advocacy. Building community while striving for greatness in the arts is Jennifer’s ultimate ambition.


Board President

Eric Skjerseth is the co-founder and president of the board for STAMP. He is also the founder, president, and CEO of STAMP’s sister for-profit enterprise Biodiesel for Band (BFB). Eric created STAMP to be the first of its kind 501c3 to help bands tour sustainably. As a musician and entrepreneur, Eric believes in education and strives to teach musicians the benefits of sustainable touring; for their practice, their businesses, and for the environment. Eric is a strong advocate for musicians, the arts, building community through partnerships, and sustainable touring practices. 

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Board Member

Eric Buffington is a board member for STAMP. Eric brings his knowledge of direct sales and his many starts ups to help push fundraising and membership enrollment. He is an entrepreneur, a tiny house owner, a trained radiologist, and an avid supporter of the music and the arts and creative business in Northern Colorado. 


Board Member

Haley Carlson serves as a board member for STAMP providing insight and guidance on marketing and communication best practices as well as general nonprofit management assistance. Her experience spans the private, public and nonprofit sector having managed a start-up screen printing company before moving into the creative sector of local government. Haley received her undergraduate degree in Art History with an Art Studio minor from SUNY New Paltz and holds a Master's in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management from the LEAP Institute for the Arts at Colorado State University.



Board Member

Greta Cornett is the president of FoCoMA and the founder of The Fort Collins Music eXperiment. The FoCoMX is the largest music event in Fort Collins and host over 200 music acts over one weekend in April to showcase all of the musical talent of Fort Collins, CO.  Greta is currently extremely involved in the Colorado music scene. She has started a successful music venue and plays in multiple bands. Her focuses include event planning, organizing, and purchasing. She is employed by the Bohemian Foundation as their marketing and talent coordinator. 


Board Member

Jack A. Rogers brings over 25 years of professional arts experience to the STAMP board.  During that time, he has been an artist, an advocate, tour manager, stage manager, festival producer, venue director, and worn countless other hats.  Jack is proud to have worked in a venue at least one day in each of the lower 48 states.  Jack is the Executive Director of The Lincoln Center, a multi-venue events facility and Northern Colorado’s largest presenter of the performing arts.  Jack holds an MPA in Nonprofit Management from Georgia State University and is proud to serve STAMP’s mission of broadening sustainable practices in the entertainment industry.



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